Artist Residencies

In 2014 Château de Saint Marcel de Félines inaugurated a new annual artist-in-residence programme. Each summer, during several weeks Saint Marcel becomes the setting for the reflection of an artist invited to live and work there and to create new works, in view of an exhibition organized at the end of the residence in autumn.

The quality of the architecture and the scenery of Château de Saint Marcel de Félines offer exceptional conditions for the artist to create works which echo the singular history of the site. This residence may also lead to the creation of an in situ work, merging past and present.

Isabelle Bernini, the guest curator proposes the artist for the residence after consultation with Daniel and Mary-Ange Hurstel. The resident is invited to pursue his or her personal research and to combine his or her work with the setting of Saint Marcel de Félines.

The 2014 artist was Anne-Laure Sacriste.

The exhibition:
Anne-Laure Sacriste worked on an exhibition of her works in Saint Marcel. It integrated the work she did during her residence.
The exhibition opened during the Rencontres Solidaires on 12th September 2014 and closed after the Vieilles Pierres, Jeunes Plantes Garden Show weekend on 11th and 12th October 2014.

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