First edition

The first edition of “Vieilles Pierres, Jeunes Plantes” took place on 18th and 19th September 2010. We were happy to open our doors to garden lovers, around twenty exhibitors were present.

Several conferences took place during the weekend:

  • a conference on pollens by Dr Michel Thibaudon
  • a conference on the specificity of open-air theatres by Catherine Dambreville, landscape designer and Christian Esnay, director
  • a talk on the birth of a rose by François Dorieux, rose breeder in Montagny
  • a conference on the “health benefits of gardens and landscaped sites on neurological diseases: evidence and hypotheses” by Dr Alain Calender
  • a talk on “Saint Marcel, a mirror of the French 17th century garden” by Frédéric Sichet, garden historian
  • a conference on “plants that cross-protect against diseases and insects” by Michel Bouguin