The garden show: old stones young plants

Vision and objectives:

The main objective of Old Stones, Young Plants is the discovery and sharing of our local heritage: historical buildings and gardens, local know-how and the art of country living. The garden is at the heart of this ambition. The exchange of views between gardeners, farmers, designers and artists brings new insights on traditional practices.
The protection of nature and sustainable development are central to our approach.
So, from its very inception our garden show’s ambition was to be a laboratory to test new types of exchanges between tradition and modernity, between country and urban lifestyles, ancestral know-how and contemporary design.

gîtes du Domaine de Saint Marcel de Félines


“So British” for the 6th edition!

This year the garden plays a British tune! A tearoom, a competition for the finest vegetables, a giant picnic…

More than 70 exhibitors will be there: nurseries and breeders and also suppliers of garden furniture and decoration, vegetables, fruit and plant products, ceramics, honeys, plant based beauty products, essential oils, gardening tools…

Specialist conferences

Workshops notably SOS Design, offer the public advice and planting plans for their garden from a specialist team of designers.

Exhibitions, photos and objects (birds’ nests, rain gauges, bonsais, cacti, mushrooms and botany…)

We have renewed our partnership with the local agricultural secondary school in Roanne, this year they will create a workshop around the “So British” theme.

We ask our exhibitors for a list of original or new plants for the public to discover. This list of plants is given to the students and they integrate them in a design, to show that with a bit of imagination, more original solutions are available than the ready-made, stereotyped ones offered by mass retail.

A committee of specialists will select the best project, which will receive an award and be set up and planted as an experimental garden at the Saint Marcel de Félines Garden Show.

On 10th and 11th October all projects will be exhibited with the list of plants used, simple advice on how to grow them and of course the name of the exhibitor’s stand where they can be found.

Visitors may come and help themselves to these ideas and design and plant their own garden with advice and plants from all professionals at the show.